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Mountians and Lake
Image by Jacalyn Beales
Image by Jacalyn Beales

Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me

Image by Marius Masalar
A Mighty Fortress is Our God.png

Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me / Piano



This new hymn written by CityAlight has found a needful place within our church hymnody; the text and tune go exactly how the voices and instruments want to go! The theme of redemption never grows old, and this hymn nails the beauty of it all. This accompaniments captures what the writers intended, with a constant sixteenth-note pattern in the RH and simple half notes in the LH. Treble clef instruments are added in this arrangement (in using instruments), coming in after the first half of the stanza has been sung, and the bass clef instruments are added later, and help to satisfy the final stanza, key change, and conclusion. (Also, a treble clef solo instrument is featured during the third stanza (in this video, it is played by horn), giving some variety and layered nuance to the text and harmonies.) The tag is repeated twice at the end, with a deceptive cadence, and is clearly marked in the score and parts.

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