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Image by Johny vino
Image by Jacalyn Beales
Image by Jacalyn Beales

O How Good it Is

Image by Marius Masalar
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O, How Good it Is / Piano



Here is an energetic arrangement of a Getty hymn that could serve perfectly as a service opener (as shown here). Piano opens with a lively 6/8 accompaniment, inviting instruments and voices to join in on the first stanza. Besides melody, instruments will follow dotted quarter rhythms to sustain the subdivisons in the piano. Arrangements develops with first stanza only (no refrain), second stanza and refrain, third stanza and refrain (with easy to follow repeat signs), and a repeated climactic refrain as a tag. Congregations love to sing this hymn with the theme of church unity; it contains needful, powerful statements such as, "for the weak find strength, the afflicted find grace, when we offer the blessing of belonging."

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