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A Mighty Fortress is Our God / Bass Clef Instrument

A Mighty Fortress is Our God / Bass Clef Instrument

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This arrangement of EIN FESTE BURG by Martin Luther opens with a strong, noble character in the piano, and the instruments complement the piano as the voices enter. Frequent accents on beat 4 of the measure will off-set a tendency toward a pedantic norm, and occasional triplets gives accompanists unique appeal at the end of phrases. Voices will fall into bars of 2/4, and then 4/4, but the hymn tune will still be familiar to the singer.Pianist will play solo and set the tone for the first stanza, then the instrumentalists will join in on the second stanza (and play in their own range—flutes playing up 8va, and tuba playing down 8va), and will stay in on the key change, and play at full dynamic level on the fourth stanza.The arrangement offers 4 stanzas, with repeats taken once for first and second stanza, then follow music for third stanza, and fourth as final stanza. One extra measure is given at the end to text paint, “His kingdom is forever.”


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