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All Hail the Power / Complete Set

All Hail the Power / Complete Set

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CORONATION can be set in many different styles, and this particular arrangement is an energetic opener for your corporate worship service. It opens with a strong and powerful harmonic pattern in the piano, which sets the tone for the entire piece.  Three stanzas are offered, with the first two stanzas repeating, and the instruments join with the piano on the key change before the third and final stanza. The key has been lowered to E-flat and F for an easier range for congregational singers. Instrumentalists will enjoy frequent use of a dotted quarter syncopated rhythm appearing in the inside instrumental voices. This arrangement is brisk and lively, yet relatively easy to pull together in one rehearsal.


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Includes a full score, a piano score, and all individual instrumental parts: treble clef C instrument, treble clef B-flat instrument, horn, and bass clef instrument

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