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By Faith / French Horn

By Faith / French Horn

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This setting of Getty's hymn, "By Faith," is styled as the hymn's text and tune were intended - very marshall and confident in manner. The piano opens with a resolute 2 - bar ostinato that reappears in between stanzas and before both of the first two refrains. The piano will then cover stanzas 1 and 3 alone (as the repeats are noted), and the instruments will join in on stanzas 2 and 4, and both refrains. Instruments will also continue through a key change and into stanza 5. The refrain is sung twice after stanza 5. Because of the longer length of this particular hymn, it would be preferred to hold off the final ritard until the very last measure, as demonstrated in this video. 


As usual flutes may take the first voice of the treble clef up one octave, and trombones and tuba may desire to take the second voice of the bass clef down one octave. 


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