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Fairest Lord Jesus / Bass Clef Instrument

Fairest Lord Jesus / Bass Clef Instrument

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In this arrangement, the piano introduction begins with a more classical appeal in the introduction. The instruments and voices join in after a 4-bar introduction. First and second stanzas have marked repeats, and piano will modulate and cover the third stanza, and instruments tacit. Instruments then join in on the last word of “heaven can boast,” on the end of the third stanza, and all instruments will play the modulation into the fourth and final stanza. Piano and instruments soar as voices sing, “Beautiful Savior, Lord of all the nations…"


Instrumentalists, as always, should play in their own ranges, 8va or 8vb. One key in this particular arrangement is for the instrumentalist and director to give clear breaths to allow the voices to break after the breath marks (written in the score) after the 3rd beat toward the end of each stanza after “honor,” “purer,” and “adoration."


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