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His Mercy is More / Treble Clef C Instrument

His Mercy is More / Treble Clef C Instrument

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This new hymn has gained wide popularity as the enjoyable and memorable tune carries a very clear and rich text. The hymn has elegance and energy with an accessibility, yet elegance in nature. The piano accompaniment initiates the activity with a lively 6/8 meter, and the instruments join in with longer, shaped lines with dotted quarters in the instrumental overlay. A four-bar interlude is very fluid for pianists who play underneath a director's comments (as shown here in this video), with harmonic patterns that may be repeated as needed. The piano covers the first stanza (with no refrain), and the instruments join in for the second and third stanza (with the refrain), and the repeat allows for a repeated, climactic refrain. (Note: Pianist should be careful not to begin the tempo too fast, which could be a detriment to the entrance of the instruments and voices.)


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