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I Will Praise Him / Complete Set

I Will Praise Him / Complete Set

SKU: 385

In this arrangement of a more solemn hymn of praise, the piano opens on the first stanza with colorful chords for the congregation to follow, and after omitting the first refrain, the instruments (and congregation) follows in the second and third stanzas (with the refrain). A brilliant key change is played by both piano and instruments, and the voices enter on the 4th stanza for "Glory, glory to the Father,..." This traditional hymn has the familiar melody everyone will recognize, but also has lowered singing ranges and alternate harmonies to satisfy the ear of the singers. This is a staple for our church, and works well for a more calm service opener.


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Includes a full score, a piano score, and all individual instrumental parts: treble clef C instrument, treble clef B-flat instrument, horn, and bass clef instrument.

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