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Jesus Paid it All / Bass Clef Instrument

Jesus Paid it All / Bass Clef Instrument

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Here is an arrangement of one of the most familiar and beloved hymns in our Christian hymnody. In this setting, the piano will open with a 4-bar introduction, and the congregation will sing the first stanza, with no refrain. The piano further develops the style with an interlude, and then the instruments (and voices) join in on the second stanza and advance to the refrain. A repeat is noted to repeat that same section for the third stanza (and refrain). Piano and instruments then build for a powerful climactic key change into the fourth and final stanza, "And when before the throne...", and the refrain has a further build into a fortissimo dynamic level. At the end, the piano and instruments will play a deceptive cadence, and the congregation will sing a tag line, repeating the phrase, "He washed it white as snow." 


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