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My Jesus Fair / Complete Set

My Jesus Fair / Complete Set

SKU: 402

Here is an arrangement of a familiar, well-loved hymn from ChurchWorksMedia. The congregation will sing the first stanza with piano only, and then advance to the second stanza with all instrumentation. The third and fourth stanzas are divided into ladies (ommitting the refrain) and men (with the refrain), and instruments and piano join in on a glorious key change for the final (fifith) stanza, and refrain to declare, "O love divine, O matchless grace, that God should die for men!..." A repeated tag is offered at the very end, "With joyful grief I lift my praise, adbhorring all my sin, adoring only Him."


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Includes a full score, a piano score, and all individual instrumental parts: treble clef C instrument, treble clef B-flat instrument, horn, bass clef instrument, and guitar.

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