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My Jesus, I Love Thee / Complete Set

My Jesus, I Love Thee / Complete Set

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This well-known hymn has multiple gorgeous moments in the hymn, and this arrangement capitalizes on each one. The piano opens with an introspective line in the RH that will reappear in the transition and final ending. After the first stanza, the arrangement offers a repeat, which can be taken once or twice depending on the number of stanzas taken. In this video demonstration, the repeat was used twice in order to employ ladies’ voices for the second stanza and mens’ voices for the third. A key change is played by pianist, with several measures of the opening familiar material, and the fourth stanza enters all voices on, “In mansions of glory and endless delight.”


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Includes piano score and all individual parts: treble clef C instrument, treble clef B-flat instrument, horn, and bass clef instrument.

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