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Show Us Christ / Piano + Flute

Show Us Christ / Piano + Flute

SKU: 436

This is an arrangement of a fairly well-known Sovereign Grace tune introduced in 2011. Very simple in its offering, this arrangement offers two stanzas, two refrains, and a repeated refrain. The optional flute obbligato weaves throughout the voices and piano, layering beautiful rhythmic and harmonic textures. The key is low enough to accomodate the wide vocal tessitura, yet the repeated refrain builds into a climactic, intuitive key change. All introductions and transitions are clear and easily "felt" for the congregation and pianist to enter without risk.


This product also offers a congregational file in order to teach visually with a notated melody. The file can be easily adapted into a weekly printed bulletin, if desired.


This arrangement can also be used as a vocal solo accompaniment, if desired.


This is a great song for a "before the sermon" slot, sung as a prayer asking God to change and transform hearts during the preaching of the Word.


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