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What He's Done / Piano

What He's Done / Piano

SKU: 435

Here's an arrangement of a compelling song introduced from Passion 2021. The song has three stanzas and a refrain that follows. This arrangement allows for an soloist or ensemble to sing the stanzas and invite the congregation to sing on each refrain. The pdf offered here also includes a notated refrain for the congregation to learn quickly. The file is small and easily adapted into a weekly printed bulletin, if desired.


The piano accompaniment is written with simple textures and harmonies, yet builds with a steady dynamic increase as the stanzas develop. Very uncomplicated in its style and presentation, and easily intuitive for congregation entrances.


Your congregation and musicians will love the energy, beauty, and truth held in this hymn. This has become a staple in our church's hymn repertoire; I hope it can be for yours, as well.

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