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Wonderful, Merciful Savior / French Horn

Wonderful, Merciful Savior / French Horn

SKU: 225

This particular hymn has a festive quality, a sparkle that energizes singers, and should come from the character of the accompaniment. The piano styling and instruments for this hymn does just that!  With a natural, yet fluid, 4-bar entrance for each stanza, the voices (and instruments) will know exactly when to sing on each entrance. As shown here in this video, all cues are clear and reliable.


The arrangement offers 3 stanzas total, with the chorus ommitted after the first stanza, but repeated after the last stanza and chorus. New, accented rhythms are notated in the final chorus for a final refrain and added variety. Final chorus is at the height of the dynamic level, yet decrescendos at the final line, "Oh, our hearts always hunger for." 


This arrangement could be a great service opener, or works well as a last song in a hymn package on any given service.

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