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What Clients Say

It is with the greatest enthusiasm that I recommend the hymnody work of Molly. Whether you are looking for accessible yet creative arrangements to new hymns or seeking to add energy and a fresh approach to hymns you have sung for years, herein lies your answer! Our people love to sing and the material found on this website has brought life to our singing that was not there before.


Pastor Jim Bishop | Worship and Administration | Faith Baptist Church | Davison, MI


About Molly Ijames

She is widely recognized for her numerous choral compositions, piano collections, and instrumental arrangements in various catalogs, with a spotlight on the artistry within her piano accompaniments. Her anthems, cantatas, piano arrangements, and instrumental collections feature a well-balanced importance between soloist and accompanist. “The pianist,” she says, “is not just a supportive role; it is a trusted charge of proficiency and craft.”

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