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Great is Thy Faithfulness / Bass Clef Instrument

Great is Thy Faithfulness / Bass Clef Instrument

SKU: 397

This well-loved hymn is a staple in almost every singing body of believers, and this arrangement will help communicate the text with lush harmonies and lower, singable keys. This arrangement offers 3 stanzas, the first two in B-flat, and the third in C, with a brief but compelling key change for the final stanza, played by both pianist and instruments. The instrumentalists have the option of allowing the pianist to play the first stanza solo, and come in on the second stanza, without taking the written repeat. At the end of the final refrain, a bar of 4/4 is offered in order to allow more breathing space for the final "Great is Thy faithfulness," but the director is advised to be prepared in order to maintain clarity for the congregation. 


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