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Jesus, Strong and Kind / Bass Clef Instrument

Jesus, Strong and Kind / Bass Clef Instrument

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The popularity of this new hymn has quickly taken off as many congregations have been enriched by the simple, sweetness of the melody and precious promises in the text. This accompaniment sets the stage for simplicity as the first stanza is sung, and then develops into the second and third stanza and refrains. Instruments join in on each of those stanzas (with repeats clearly indicated in the score and parts), and then builds into a beautiful key change and final stanza and refrain. A repeated refrain is built into the music, and the decrescendo is also marked as the final refrain completes. 


Much rubato should be taken throughout the arrangement, and instruments should be sensitive to allow the music to "breathe" in between phrases for the sake of the congregation, and the shaping of each line. 


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