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Jesus, Your Mercy / Complete Set

Jesus, Your Mercy / Complete Set

SKU: 343

This new Sovereign Grace hymn has gained popularity as the enjoyable and memorable tune carries a very clear and rich text. The hymn has elegant nergy with an accessible learning curve. In this crafting, the piano accompaniment initiates the activity in a relaxed 6/8 meter, playing the first stanza, and the instruments join in on the second stanza, bleeding in with treble clef and then bass clef instruments. Instrumental parts change in the chorus into dotted quarters. A detectable four-bar interlude is offered between each stanza (which can be fluid for a director's comments). The repeated tag at the end allows for a repeated, climactic second refrain. (Note: Pianist should be careful not to begin the tempo too fast, which could be a detriment to the entrance of the instruments and voices.)


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Includes a full score, a piano score, and all individual instrumental parts: treble clef C instrument, treble clef B-flat instrument, horn, bass clef instrument, and guitar.

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